About Us

KOSYS Modular Cabinet Corporation is based in the Philippines and is located in Taytay, Rizal. We manufacture high quality products such as kitchen cabinets, countertops, wardrobe, walk in closet, customized cabinet door, bathroom cabinets, cabinet accessories and kitchen equipment. We specialize in customized designs and provide a custom cabinet and wardrobe layout specific to your space dimension and we also offer multiple tones and textures for all our products. With some smart planning, we are here to help you design your desired cabinets. You can choose from different selections for every style and budget. Our company aims to provide high quality products with reasonable price. Aside from that, we also specialize in fabrication of various types of cabinet doors, from simple and practical designs to smart structure type of cabinet doors. You can also choose from various cabinet accessories that would match the cabinet design of your choice. For kitchen cabinets, you can complete them by choosing the suitable kitchen equipment that we offer. We ensure the best quality of our products with the use of premium Korean Hardware. We make sure to provide the best experience of purchasing customized cabinets as we satisfy every client with our specially made cabinets with fast installation facilities.

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We Offer

We offer services starting from planning, designing up to implementation. Our cabinets are highly designed for what our clients want. From the ideas up to the reality, we don’t just want our work to be done but to be perfectly done.

Contemporary designs are what clients looking for and with that, we make sure we are up to date to what are the latest aesthetics our industry has. We don’t want our clients to settle on designs and functionality that is way past old compare to what our industry has now.


I Affordable Price

We at KOSYS Modular Cabinet Corp. values your capability to get budget friendly and hi-quality cabinets.

International standard but budget friendly prices are what people want and we have that. Our work quality won’t be compromised just because of the budget.

II Fast Installation

Making sure we provide fast installation and still providing the best quality

Being fast on projects are not always a bad idea instead with KOSYS Modular Corp., providing fast installation is one of our edge. We provide fast services plus a quality that will never be compromised.

III Customized Designs

We don’t just stick to what is common, we are flexible and can do any customized designs.

If you’re looking for up-to-date designs of cabinets and wardrobes, we are here to offer you various designs that you’ll truly be satisfied with. But if your taste is different from what we’ve offered, then you could present us the design you like.

IV House Quality

A quality where consumers can truly trust from finish to start.

The service we provide is proven and tested. More than the best quality is what we provide to secure a lifetime partnership with our clients.