Built-in Key Button Lock

Built-in Key Button Lock

  • Model name: Built-in Key Button Lock
  • Code number: DI-60129-K4S6H
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Product Summary:

  • Embedded password lock

Detailed Description:

  • Specification: 71(W) × 97(D) × 39.5(H)
  • Material: Zinc alloy

Advantages of Embedded Button Lock:

  • Convenience of management due to no need to carry keys.
  • Easy to open and close inquiries in case of emergency by assigning a grade to the person, department head, and final manager through the management function (personal password, master number, master key.)
  • Patent registration by initialization method using master key.
  • Password registration function of up to 8 digits that can form 1 billion units.
  • (For general option, register 4 digits).
  • By using the master key as a mechanical key, it is easy to open and close the door even in the event of an electronic failure.
  • All-in-one structure prevents accidents due to protrusion and easy installation.
  • Lowest power consumption by optimal driving method.