4 Types of Loville Accessories

NUOMI HANGING RACK SERIES / 4 Types of Loville Accessories

  • Model name: 4 Types of Loville Accessories
  • Code number: DI-65060-K1S8H Cutlery, DI-65060-1-K2S2H Knife Rack,         DI-65060-3-K2ST Condiment Storage Rack, DI-65060-4-K1S3H Profile
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Product Summary

  • Multi-purpose hanger with various storage tools
  • Space practical structure that uses the maximum space
  • Easy design

Detailed Description

-Product type: HANGING RACK
-Standard profile: 900 cutlery
: 110(W)×115(D)×300(H)mm
Knife holder: 333(W)×115(D)×200(H)mm
Seasoning storage: 333(W)×115(D)×200(H)mm

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