Embedded TV Phone

Model Name: CVW-103AF/AX
Code Number: DI-31024

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Product Summary:

  • Wide 10-inch TFT LCD monitor
  • Screen left and right rotation and up and down multi-angle rotation
  • TV function (OSD, EPG)
  • Home auto (visitor check, door open, emergency)
  • Call reception function, remote control function
  • Built-in digital set-top box
  • Electronic album, MP3P (SD memory not included)
  • Touch switch method
  • Stereo stereo sound
  • Short delivery only

Detailed Description:

  • Color: Mirror, Black, Pearl Blue, Wine Red 
  • Specification: 326(W) x 103(D) x 188(H)
  • Reclaimed box: 278(W) x 90(D) x 208(H)