Big-D Home Vacuum Packaging Machine (Free Standing)

  • Model name: DH-250
  • Code number: DI-65120-1-K13S2H
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Product Summary:

  • Composition: Vacuum packaging machine + 3 vacuum sealed containers + Multi vacuum lid
  • Keep food and food fresh for a long time
  • Wireless charging of mobile phones and tablets possible (APPLE: after iPhone 8, Samsung Electronics: Galaxy S6, Note 5 or later, LG Electronics: G6+ or later)
  • 9H carbide film coating
  • Vacuum sealed container: POSCO genuine stainless steel used
  • Automatic sensor recognition (automatically turns off after a certain period of time (6 minutes))
  • Freestanding type

Detailed Description:

  • Vacuum Packaging Machine DH-250

– Material: Stainless Steel, ABS, etc.
– Size: 120(W) x 120(D) x 48(H)
– Weight: 280g
– Power consumption: 5.5(W)
– Standby power: 0.75(W)
– Rated I/O: AC110 ~240V, 50~60Hz 1.2A DC 12V 1.5A

  • Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealed Container DHC-100

– Capacity: 820ml
– Size: 170(L) X 145(D) X 66(H)
– Material: Stainless Steel (POSCO), Ecogen (SK Chemical), Silicon, JER
– Heat/Cold Resistance: -20℃ ~ 80℃

  • Multi Vacuum Lid DHL-100

– Size: Diameter 270mm (inner silicone part 150~260mm)
– Material: Ecogen, Silicon
– Heat/Cold resistance: -20℃ ~ 80℃