Hearts Electric Cooktop 3

  • Model Name: EC-364CTH
  • Code number: DI-20014


Product Summary

  • Hearts Electric Cooktop 3
  • Haatz Electric cook top 3 burners
  • Power cord installation type that does not require separate electrical work with power control function
  • Unique and sensual design with modern pattern printing of pearl gray line on black glass
  • Individual cooking zone timer, child lock function that can be used safely
  • Save frequently used dishes as a menu, and set up a total of 27 customized menus, 9 for each cooking zone
  • Triple large burner with adjustable area of ​​1~3 stages
  • High-strength ceramic glass top plate that is resistant to heat and shock and is easy to clean
  • Residual heat indicator that stays lit until heat cools down

Detailed Description

Specification: 580(W)x510(D)x50(H)

Top plate hole: 560(W)x480(D)

Color (material): Black ceramic + Pearl gray
Power consumption: 3,400W
Rated voltage: AC 220V /60㎐
Control method: Touch type
Control method: Electronic control