SK Magic Steam Oven

  • Model name: EON-B401SA
  • Code number: DI-31004-K63S3H
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[Upper field drawing]

[Patriarchal drawing]

Product Summary:

  • SKMagic Built-in Composite Steam Oven
  • Electric grey + microwave + airfry
  • 300°C High Temperature Team
  • LCD touch controls
  • 3D stereoscopic heat method
  • 70 Automatics
  • 40L large capacity
  • Two-speed cooking is possible up and lower

Detailed Description:

  • Dimensions: 594(W) x 541(D) x 465(H)
  • Inside the galley: 410(W) x 402(D) x 252(H)
  • Capacity: 40L
  • Power consumption: MAX 2,500W (oven 1,500W, Grill 1,050W, Steam500W, Microwave 1,500W)
  • Rated voltage: AC 220V/60Hz
  • High frequency output: 800W