SK Magic Electrical Oven

  • Model Name : EON-B500T
  • Code number: DI-31006-K96S1H
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Product Summary:

  • SKmagic integrated composite of (gas rail + convection of + grill + airfry + microwave)
  • Korea’s first slim FLAT top
  • 4.1KW Daeverner
  • Reliable sensor function + one-to-one ignition
  • Preventing safety knock-outs with safe gas fire in a kno-b way
  • Integrated structure with optimized size and upper body
  • Air-cooling method keeps internal temperature constant
  • Three-dimensional heating method (upper high heat shizu heater + rear oven heater + convection hot air connection)
  • Automatic control of optimal temperature for fermentation
  • Zero standby power by applying korea’s only standby power car speed switch

Detailed Description:

  • Gas cost: 12,0KW
  • Dimensions: 595(W) x 570(D) x 596(H)
  • Body: 650mm reference (other than tops)
  • Mwr: Based on 170mm
  • Bottom cover(Filer): 596(W) x 45(H)

※ The rear plate must be opened for open circulation

More Information

  • Gas consumption: 12,0KW
  • Standard: 595(W) x 570(D) x 596(H)
  • Body: based on 650mm (excluding top )
  • Plinth: based on 170mm
  • Bottom cover (Filer): 596(W) x 45(H)

※ Be sure to open the back panel for heat circulation.