SK Magic Electric Cooktop 3-hall

  • Model name: ERA-BT300MDBL New model
  • Code number: DI-20039-K31S2H


Product Summary

  • SK magic electric cooktop 3
  • SK MAGIC Electric cook top 3burners
  • Easy to use and convenient by applying a simple and intuitive touch operation method (9 levels)
  • SCHOTT’s high-quality black glass applied to the top plate is strong against external shocks and is a well-being glass that does not contain any harmful ingredients.
  • Built-in mounting and stand enclosure 15cm applied (DSPERA150SUS) allows the use of a standing type
  • Power cord (power control): Always keep the power consumption within the standard range
  • The crater double burner applies the burner expansion function, increasing the maximum power to 2000W for quick cooking.
  • Safer and more convenient use by applying child lock (lock) function
  • Timer function is applied to all telephone outlets. Time can be set to cook for the desired time.
  • Highly efficient, safe, and convenient to use as a 3-prong EGO heating element highlight application
  • Crater double expansion function: The expansion function is applied to the crater double burner, enabling faster cooking
    : large (2.0KW), medium (1.65KW), small (1.1KW)
  • Intuitive arrangement of the control panel: Designed to allow anyone to easily use each crater by arranging and arranging the control panel at the bottom of the upper glass.
  • Safety device: For safe use, the automatic power-off function is applied to the
    telephone outlet when there is no additional operation after starting when cooking.   Increased stability (9 columns-2 hours, 1 column-8 hours)
  • Timer function: A timer function is applied to the telephone outlet, and it is possible to set from 1 minute up to 99 minutes to increase safety in use
  • Child lock function (lock function): Apply an additional safety function to prevent misuse during use or waiting for use
  • Power control function: 220v cord is installed by applying the technology to control the maximum output within 3.5kw according to the electricity usage specification of domestic households

Detailed Description

Product dimensions: 590(W) x 55(H) x 520(D)

Installation dimensions: 560(W) x 480(H)
Power consumption: 3,100W
Rated voltage: AC 220V / 60Hz
Top glass: Germany SCHOTT’s Seranglas
Heating method: Germany EGO’s Radiant heating method
Color: Black ceramic