Food dehydration drain

Food Dehydration Drain

  • Model Name: MR-501 / MR-502
  • Code Number: (MR-501), (MR-502)
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Detailed Description:

  • Size: 300 × 220 × 195(H)
  • Use: Food drainage drain
  • Material: ABS, POM, PC, PP, stainless plastic (MR-501), stainless steel (MR-502)
  • Components: New hand wing, strainer Cover, strainer (dewatering container), strainer support, drain body, water trap, hose

Feature of Product:

  • New hand wing and coat wrap integrated type
  • Easy to use and convenient storage
  • Small amount of waste due to the optimization of pay-as-you-go bags
  • Prevent microbial growth
  • Bong water trap (black type) and backflow prevention hose