Devarajas Morion 350

Devarajas Morion Multifunctional Flat Wire Basket 350

  • Model Name: Devarajas Morion 350
  • Code Number: DI-65122-2-K11S2H


Product Drug

  • Standard soft slide of Hermama, Germany
  • Pull-out mesh with door
  • The kitchen is cleaner and the storage is visible at a glance.
  • Glossy and durable
  • Smooth and stable movement
  • Durable
  • European flat wire and deprosting floor for easy cleaning
  • Suitable for bulky kitchen cabinets


Detailed description

– Product Type: DEVARAJAS
– Dimensions: 310(W) x 460 (D) x 480(H)mm
-Wood outer diameter size: 350mm

Store all kinds of kitchen utensils, kitchenware, condiments, cleaning
articles etc. Make the kitchen clean and orderliness, clear at a glance,
conveniently putting and taking items.

Basket is made of superior steel with European style Tricalent chromium
chromed, Bright and durable; Slide passes through European standard
GS60000 test.

Standard with German soft-close slide, works smoothly and steady,
silent and auto-close; easily accembly with cabinet door, convenient
for assembly; European super side flat wire, with defrosting pan,
easily cleaning.

Suggest to store large scale kitchenware, eg pan, plate.

Max.loading : 30kg

Detailed information


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