Hearts Gas Cooktop 3

  • Model Name: GC-3605SDS
  • Code number: DI-20025-2
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Product Summary

  • 3,440kcal (4kW) high-fired large burner makes cooking faster and easier!
  • Simple design to complete the kitchen space more neatly
  • Hearts’ unique design with the harmony of sensual straight lines and organic curves
  • Quick start function that turns on quickly and conveniently when first ignition, and turns on when pressed and released
  • Safety device that automatically shuts off gas when flame goes out (fire extinguishing safety device)
  • Shield burner that does not enter the product even if the soup overflows
  • Convenient and safe continuous spark ignition method
  • Clip-in type for easy installation
  • 2 large burners, 1 heavy burner

Detailed Description

Gas consumption: 7,740kcal/h
GC-3605SASH: Power 220V/60HZ
-GC-3605SDSH: Battery standard 1.5V R20 2ea

※Apply a safety sensor phone that automatically cuts off gas when the container overheats above 300℃​