Hearts enamel gas cooktop 3

  • Model Name: GC-3606EDSH
  • Code number: DI-21007


Product Summary

  • Hearts enamel gas cooktop 3
  • Haatz Enamel gas cook top 3 burners
  • Safety device that automatically shuts off gas when flame goes out
  • Ultra-slim design that goes well with any kitchen furniture
  • Shield burner that does not enter the product even if the soup overflows
  • Clip-in type for easy installation
  • 3 types of pearl black coated top plate with excellent gloss and easy cleaning
  • Battery-replaceable gas cooktop
  • Stylish and modern design with pearl black top and slim frame
  • 2 large burners, 1 heavy burner
  • Convenient and safe continuous spark ignition method
  • Installation of safety sensor to automatically cut off gas when the container overheats over 300℃

Detailed Description

Specification: 590(W)x460(D)x50(H)
Perforated dimensions: 560(W)x430(D)

Color(material): Black ceramic
Burner: Large 2, Medium 1
Gas consumption: 3,440Kcal/ h(4kW)

Dryness standard: DC 3V (1.5V R202ea ) 

Features: Black Pearl triple coated top plate / Gas shut-off safety device / Safe continuous spark ignition method / Easy installation clip insertion type