SK Magic 3-hall Gas Cooktop

  • Model Name: GRA-B3216DN
  • Code Number: DI-23120-K16S2H, DI-23120-1-K16S2H LPG
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Product Summary

  • One-touch automatic ignition that is easy to ignite at a time-Automatic ignition
    that sparks automatically until ignition is triggered if you turn it once without holding it and release
    it-Ignite at 90 degrees, and fire power is controlled in both directions
  • Two-way fire power control for convenient fire power control -Fire power control in
    opposite directions for quick control without worrying about turning off fire-
    Convenient fire power control method without the inconvenience of having to re-ignite as it is possible to quickly control fire power in an emergency
  • “Low fire ” exclusive mode suitable for cooking that requires heat control such as simmering/roasting-“Low fire ” exclusive mode that allows
    fine “low fire” control at once without needing to see the fire-“Simmering
    /cooking” with a fine fire power of 70% of the existing digestive power Optimizing power for non-burning and sloppy cooking such as “roasting”
  • Easy to clean and stable 5-foot wide grate
    -Individually independent, very easy to clean, and 5-foot wide type stably supports large containers
  • Easy-to-clean top plate structure: Flat (flat) type top plate & edge edge guide
    -The top plate is flat and has a groove through the edge edge, so contaminants such as soup are collected and cleaning is easy.
  • Various safety devices considering the user’s safety-
    Overheating prevention sensor for fire prevention & warning sound in case of overheating and abnormal extinguishing
    -Double packing of operation part (completely blocking water penetration of operation part), operation lever made of flame retardant material that does not catch fire

Detailed Description

Product specification: 588(W)x470(D)x89(H)-Perforated
Dimensions: 560(W)x430(D )-Color: Silver
Material: Stainless steel
Burner: Safety sensor Large burner (2), Safety sensor Small burner (1)
Gas consumption: 8.5KW (large 3.5KW / small 1.61KW_LNG standard)-Ignition
Method: One-touch ignition (90 degrees ignition)
Fire power control: Two-way fire control / Fire extinguishing Reverse “low fire” exclusive mode
Great ( Tripod): 5 feet single type (2.3T press / glossy coating)-Gas
Hose connection location: right
Features: Eco-friendly magic eco burner applied / One-touch ignition