SK Magic Enamel 4-hall Cooktop

  • Model name: GRA-B432KA
  • Code number: DI-21000-K53S2H, DI-21000-1-K53S2H LPG


Product Summary

  • SK magic enamel gas cooktop 4
  • SK magic Enamel gas cook top 4 burners
  • The best trapezoidal crater layout
  • Finest Casting Great
  • Deluxe design suitable for large size
  • Adoption of European-style glass top plate
  • High calorie burner adoption

Detailed Description

Dimensions: 750(W)x520(D)x98(H)
(embedded depth 43mm)

Perforated dimensions: 728(W)x495(D)

Features: The best ladder crater arrangement / The finest casting great / Deluxe suitable for large balance design / adoption of a European-style glass roof / calorie burners for adoption
Color (material): black ceramic
Gas consumption: 7,500Kcal / H
Burner: for 2, two cows
Weight: 13.5kg
R value: 20-25
Type: AC 220V / 60Hz
Release date: February 2014