• Model name: HHD-60P
  • Code number: DI-11059-K5S4H Haatz IB60S, DI-11059-1-K10S2H Fade Out 600type, DI-11059-2-K6S3H Emsys, DI-11059-3-K12S9H Hanssem
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Product Summary

  • Hanssem Hyde Built-in 600 Hood
  • Hide built in 600 hood
  • ROCKER 2nd stage

Detailed Description

– Filter: Aluminum
– Lighting: LED lamp
– Power consumption (W): 80
– Air volume: 264 / 327
– Noise: 53/42(dB)
– Specification: 598/898(W)x285(D)x180(H)
898 (W)x285(D)x180(H)
– Material: Stainless steel


It is a basic built-in hood that can maintain a neat kitchen appearance with a design that is hidden under the kitchen top cabinet.


The triple aluminum metal filter can be washed and used semi-permanently.


Long-lasting LED lighting does not require lamp replacement and consumes less energy.