Hearts Dishcloth Cutting Board Sterilizer

Model Name: HDU-1510B
Code Number: DI-30067-1

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Product Summary:

  • Hearts dishcloth cutting board sterilizer
  • Haatz dishcloth chopping board sterilizer
  • Built-in style with electronic controls inside
  • Built-in UV sterilization lamp with excellent sterilization power
  • Electronic microcomputer control system
  • Application of anti-shake technology
  • Convenient rack structure such as cutlery and chopping board suitable for Korean kitchen

Detailed Description:

  • Sterilization light output: 6W
  • Power consumption: 200W (including sterilization lamp )
  • Power: 220V/60Hz
  • Sterilization method: UV light
  • Drying method: Hot air circulation method
  • Product specification: 148(W) x 540(D) x 820(H)
  • Door size: 146(W) X (H) height of lower cabinet door