2 Hearts Cooktop

  • Model Name: HGR-2040SDS
  • Code number: DC-H003


Product Summary

  • Hearts Gas Cooktop 2
  • Haatz Gas cook top 2 burners
  • Safety device that automatically shuts off gas when flame goes out
  • The horizontal two-ball type secures distance between craters, maximizes efficiency and convenience
  • Shield burner that does not enter the product even if the soup overflows
  • Prevention of soot and fire hazard by maintaining a safe distance from the rear wall
  • Clip-in type for easy installation

Detailed Description

Specification: 597(W)×400(D)×76(H)
Perforated dimensions: 560(W)×370(D)
Power: 220V/60Hz (SDS battery standard: 1.5V R20 2ea)
Gasconsumption : 5,332kcal/h
Color: Silver + Stainless Steel
Burner: 2 large burners
Features: Prevents soot and fire from maintaining a safe distance / Continuous spark ignition method / Clip insertion
type for convenient installation -Type: DC 3V(1.5V, R20) 2)