NCH-90S/New FinishEd

NCH-90S/New Chimney Hood

New Chimney

  • Model Name: NCH-90S
  • Code number: DI-10033
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Product Drug

  • Hart’s / Hansam New Jimney food
  • Haatz New chimney hood
  • The beautiful curved design creates a luxurious atmosphere with halogen lamps

Detailed Description

– Filter: Aluminum
– Lighting: LED Lighting x2
– Switch: PUSH 3 speed
– Wind volume: 510/390/320
– Noise: 55/48/43 (dB)
– Power consumption (W): 100
– Dimensions: 898(W)x502(D)x890(H)
– Material: Stainless Steel – Weight: 11.1kg



The New Shemney hood is
powerfully inhalable and has a quiet fan for a quiet and pleasant kitchen.