Samsung Chef Collection Electric Oven

  • Model name: NV73J9770RS
  • Code number: DI-34009-K238ST


Product Summary:

  • Crispy on the outside and moist on the inside! Gourmet Vapor Technology™
  • Easy-to-use full-touch LCD display
  • Wi-Fi Smart Control
  • Roasting temperature sensor
  • Soft closing door
  • Steam cleaning function
  • High temperature cleaning function

Detailed Description:

  • Specification: 595(W) × 595(H) × 566(H)
  • Product capacity: 73 L
  • Product weight: 45.9 kg
  • Power consumption: Max 2,800 W
  • Rated voltage: 220 V ~ 60 Hz


Crispy on the outside and moist on the inside! Gourmet Vapor (Gourmet Vapor Technology™)
Gourmet vapor that sprays hot vapor of 100℃ or higher evenly on the dishes through fine temperature and moisture control. It provides dishes with excellent texture while being crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
※ The above image is a cooking example


Easy-to-use full-touch LCD display
The easy-to-use full-touch LCD display makes the oven more convenient and provides about 50 types of automatic cooking recipes to
make cooking easier.


Wi-Fi Smart Control With the
smart control function, you can check and adjust the cooking mode / temperature / time / error code, etc. with remote monitoring, notification, and remote control functions from anywhere through your smartphone.
※ Only for this model.


Roasting temperature sensor If
you set the desired measurement temperature and use the roasting temperature sensor, the content that has reached the desired temperature is monitored on the display.

Soft Closing Door A soft closing function that can be closed safely and slowly even if the door is closed
hard is applied, allowing users to use it more safely.



Steam cleaning function
Steam cleaning facilitates cleaning so that contaminants in the container can be removed in a more moist state by adding moisture to the container.

High-Temperature Cleaning Function
The high temperature cleaning function is an advanced cleaning function that instantaneously heats the inside of the chamber to a high temperature of 500 degrees Celsius or higher to dramatically burn internal contaminants to make cleaning easier.