Model Name: Ohm
Code Number: DI-30175


Product Summary:

  • Elica Om Hood
  • Elica OM hood
  • Exterior design distinct from conventional hoods
  • Excellent functionality of the soft material touch screen switch

※ It is the same product as Hanssem.

Detailed Description:

  • Filter: Screen + Aluminum
  • Color (Material): Black/White (Stainless Steel + Tempered Glass + Painted Steel)
  • Lighting: Halogen
  • Air Volume: 270~570(730)
  • Noise: 43~63(67)
  • Switch: a touch screen switch
  • Size: 800 (W) x446 (D) x506 ~ 890 (H)
  • Power consumption (W): 330
  • Duct size (mm): 150
  • Weight (kg): 33.7



It is an illuminated hood with excellent performance as well as a design that is clearly distinguished from the existing hood.
The low-noise, high-airflow motor with 35% enhancement in function and 20% reduction in noise can create a quiet and comfortable kitchen.
It is a structure that scientifically considers the flow of air with a smoke suction method according to the principle of fluid mechanics.