Paseco gas cooktop 3 (for 600)

  • Model Name: PGC-B365RH
  • Code number: DI-20035
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Product Summary

  • Paseco built-in gas cooktop 3 (for 600)
  • PASECO Built-in gas cooktop 3 burners
  • Simple design top line
  • Shield burner with no broth

Detailed Description

Specification: 590(W) × 505(D) × 98(H)
Top plate processing dimension: 560(W) × 480(D)
Depth of burial: 30mm
Rated voltage: 220V / 60Hz
Gas consumption: LPG-8.7 KW/LPG-8.4KW-Upper panel
Material: Stainless steel
Great: Rim steel (enamel) -Safety
Device: Smart high-cut
Gas inlet location: Lower right rear
Power cord: Lower right rear (Length: 1500mm)