Purple 2-tier Pantry Home Unit


  • Model Name: Purple 2-tier Pantry Home Unit
  • Code Number: DI-65054-K13S2H for 450mm, DI-65054-1-K14S5H for 600mm


Can not be installed when using wood and aluminum panel

Product Drug

  • Pantry Home Unit Available as a Pantry
  • Space-safe structure that maximizes space
  • Easy to design
  • Borehole position: Top 180 bottom 120 floating and reinstalling
  • Function
    Store all kinds of kitchen utensils, kitchenware, condiments, cleaning articles etc. Make the kitchen clean and orderliness, clear at a glance, conveniently putting and taking items.
  • Quality
    Basket is made of high-quality stainless steel and armoured glass. Adopted the Germany technology and passed through European standard GS60000 test, Slide still can be used smoothly for its long service
  • Design
    Standard with German soft-close slide, works smoothly and steady, silent and auto-close; easily assembly with cabinet door, convenient for assembly; bottom Adopts double structure of supportive board, which is national patent design; runs without noise and strengthens the load-bearing.
  • Store
    Suggest to store large scale common kitchenware, eg bowl, dishes, fork, tureen ect.
  • Load-bearing
    Max. loading:30KG

Detailed description

– Product Type : PURPLE CRYSTAL

Standard for 450: 405(W)×500(D)×600(H)mm / L,R For
no 600: 555(W)×500(D)×600 (H)mm / L,R

* Only parts other than furniture are sold.

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