PVC Color Box

PVC Color Box

Color Box PVC

  • Model Name: PVC Color Box
  • Code Number: DI-60254
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※ The rail that supports the storage box has a locking device, so there is less risk of the storage box dropping when the storage box is inserted or removed.

※ When removing the storage box completely, lift the storage box slightly to remove it.

Detailed Description:

  • Size
    – Small: 358(W) × 282(D) × 108(H)
    – Medium: 358(W) × 282(D) × 236(H)
    – Large: 358(W) × 282(D) × 364(H)
  • Rail: 39.5(W) × 2.1(D) × 1.4(H)
  • Color: Pink, Orange, Mint, Lime, White