Square Deodorant

Square Deodorant

Model Name: Square Deodorant
Code Number: DI-65063

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Product Summary:

  • Volcanic stone (basalt) is a volcanic stone that has a high temperature of 1200˚ to 1400˚ above 100m underground.
  • Rich in various minerals and low in radioactive substances, beneficial to the human body
  • It promotes blood circulation and metabolism by adsorbing and decomposing heavy metals in the body.
  • With abundant oxygen and high levels of far-infrared radiation and negative ions, it is effective in preventing adult diseases, recovering from fatigue, and preventing skin diseases.
  • Excellent antibacterial power, strong adsorption and deodorization, excellent odor removal, water purification and purification ability
  • Volcanic stone (basalt) is very resistant to alkaline salts and is very good for those who are sensitive to irritation.
  • Used for various purposes such as built-in cabinets, shoe cabinets, etc.

Detailed Description:

  • Size: 98(W) x 45(D) x 118(H)
  • Perforated size: 90Ø

Detailed Images: