Touch Type Wired/Wireless Pull-out Outlet (Silver)

Touch Type Wired/Wireless
Pull-out Outlet (Silver)

Model Name: BIP-201W
Code Number: DI-65145

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Product Summary:

  • Electric one-touch pop-up charging outlet that can be automatically drawn out with one button- A product that maximizes interior effect with a simple and clean design
  • High-speed wireless charging for mobile phones
  • Available for both wired and wireless charging
  • Equipped with LED mood light function
  • LED mood during wireless charging Switch to’breath mode’ light

Detailed Description:

  • Specification: Ø120 x 80(D)
  • Perforated size: Ø107~Ø110
  • Rating: AC 16A 250V
  • USB charging: 5V 3A
  • Material: Aluminum / ABS